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Serve the "One Belt and One Road"of National Strategy   


    During Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Germany, he made a special trip to Duisburg railway station terminal on 29th March 2014, to inspect the railway trans euroasia block train Yuxinou, which departures from Chongqing via Xinjiang to Europe. It has aroused great deal of international media attention and enthusiastic response of Central European markets.

    In 2014, as the only Chongqing municipal government designated platform for international Trans Eurasian Railway, with largest international freight forwarding business services network in Midwest China, Minsheng Logistics strengthened quickly the team of Yuxinou block train’s operation and sales, and set up agencies and bases respectively in Europe and Tuanjiecun Terminal in Chongqing. With the help and support of Chongqing Logistcs Council, Minsheng overcame all kinds of difficulties and finished a lot of pioneering work. On basis of organization of one eastbound train during 2011 to 2013, Minsheng has successfully organized 22 block train from Europe to China, with block train of international container accounted for 20 as well as block train of international finished vehicles 2, it accounted for 80% of the whole Chinese trans euroasia block trains at that year. In 2015, Minsheng will focus on improving service towards normalization of eastbound train from Europe to China.(there is at least one or two block container trains departing from Germany to Chongqing every week )

    Minsheng Logistics Co. Ltd is holding company of Minsheng Shipping Company, in 1925, Minsheng Company was founded by Mr. Lu Zuofu who is Chinese famous patriotic industrialist, educator, and social reformer. Mr. Lu was acknowledged as one of the four unforgettable industrialists in the history of China by Mao Zedong in 1950s.

    Minsheng Company is a key state-owned company, one of top 500 Chinese service enterprise in 2015, also certified as AAAAA comprehensive logistics enterprise by CFLP(China Federation of Logistics& Purchasing). Minsheng Logistics Co., Ltd. is certified as AAAA logistics enterprise in China. it provides “door to door” logistics solution between European countries and China, basing on the block train from Terminal Europe to Tuanjiecun Terminal in Chongqing and Minsheng’s integrated logistic service in Europe and China.

Project Introduction

    The block trains of Trans Euro-Asia Railway depart from Duisburg(Germany),and then via Poland,Belarus,Russia,Kazakhstan,finally arrive in Chongqing(China).The total distance is 11179 km which costs about 14-16days for transportation.

    MINSHENG logistics Co,.Ltd,is operation platform of Trans Euro-Asia Railway which provides "Station to Station" logistics solution from Duisburg to Chongqing and "Door to Door"logistics solution from Europe to China according to customer''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s requirements.


Service Nodes in Europe


Time Control


In Transit Monitoring

    Transportation visualization from GPS device with alarming & monitoring,to collect the train data including of position,distance,door judgment,temperature,humidity,air pressure,and etc.


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