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      Mr. Lu is the founder of Minsheng Company, the pioneer of China''s shipping industry, famous patriotic industrialist, educator and social reformer, who was born in 1893 at Hechuan county Sichuan province (now Hechuan county is belong to Chongqing). In 1910, Mr. Lu joined Chinese Revolutionary League and devoted to the Revolution of 1911. After that, when the 1919 May 4th Movement took place, he joined in the movement actively in Chengdu. Then, in order to creating the new group life as the center of social reform experiment, Mr. Lu built the common education center in Chengdu during 1924. One years later, Minsheng was founded. In 1927, he carried out the rural construction of Jialing River Three Gorges in Beibei. In 1935, Mr. Lu held the directory of Sichuan construction bureau. Two years later, he held vice-minister of the second base camp for national government. During that time, he also drew up general mobilization plan for the Anti-Japanese War. And then in 1938, he take up the post of the ministry of communications permanent secretary for national government, and responsible for transportation during wartime. In 1940, he held the president of the national food authority, and made important contribution during solving the wartime food tense situation. In June 1950, he returned to Beijing from Hong Kong, and attended the second meeting of CPPCC national committee’s first session.

     Under Mr. Lu’s leadership, Minsheng coordinated with China Shipping Company in 1935. This cooperation broken the siege of foreign shipping company and unified the shipping of the upper reaches of Yangtze River. Finally the right of homeland inland navigation has been took back. Meanwhile, Minsheng started to rapid expansion. Until 1949, Minsheng owned 148 river-sea ships and over 9000 employees to become Chinese largest and most influential private shipping enterprises group. In addition, the growth of Minsheng made a huge contribution to the development of Chinese shipping. And then, Mr. Lu was praised as "China Shipping Magnate" in domestic and overseas. Eventually, Minsheng jointed state-private ownership and gone out of business, during 1952.

    After outbreak of Anti-Japanese War in 1937, Mr. Lu commanded the retreat transport in Wuhan and Yichang. In terms of this transportation, Minsheng integrated the ship to transit factories, government agencies, schools, research institutions and personnel to Sichuan. In contrast, troops, weapons and material had been transported to warfront. As the result, it made great sacrifice and contribution for the country and nation. In 1938, Mr. Lu commanded and accomplished the famous Yichang retreat which was honored as “The Dunkirk of Chinese Industry”. Moreover, from 1949 to 1959, another outstanding contributions for the development of Chinese shipping industry is 18 ships was sailed back to mainland from oversea which was made by Mr. Lu.

    In the early 1950 s, when Mao Tse-tung mentioned the development of Chinese national industry, he said there are 4 people cannot forget. These 4 people include "Zhang Zhidong for heavy industry, Fan Xudong for chemical industry, Lu Zuofu for transportation and Zhang Jian for textile industry."

    In 1984, Minsheng reconstructed at Chongqing. Furthermore, the new Minsheng aims to "serve the society, enrich common people, power nation, and the revitalize the Chinese nation". At the same time, it also inherits fine tradition of old Minsheng and carry forward patriotism as the core Minsheng spirit to quickly establish the enterprise networks, accelerate the development of the Yangtze River shipping, and expand the business from Yangtze River to the sea. Furthermore, Minsheng continuously extend field to international freight forwarders, international ship generation, land transportation, warehousing and distribution. Through 30 years of arduous pioneering and development, Minsheng has become Chinese large-scale integrated logistics group.

    Since 2009, there is a new round of development for Minsheng, which is caused by the collaboration between Minsheng Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai International Port (Group) Co., Ltd. It founded a joint venture company, named Misnheng shipping Co., Ltd.





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